Animation Websites
Below are some links to some awesome websites on animation!
Animation Tips and Tricks
Some of the best tips and tricks on the net; I can't get enough of this!

11 Second Club
Monthly character animation competition going on, with fantastic e-critiques!
Animation Resources - Essential Reading
These books are a must have for animators.

Animators Survival Kit - Richard Williams
When I first discovered this book, it was like hitting the jackpot and finding treasure everywhere! Best standalone book on animation that covers all the core principles.

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Great insight to the wonders of Disney Animation.

The Artists's Complete Guide to Facial Expression - Gary Faigin
This book completely changes the way I perceive facial expressions. Incredibly detailed and full of great references. Highly recommended!

Animation Resources - Recommended Reading

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen - Steve Katz
Learning how to stage your shots and storyboarding are a great way to improve your animation! This book is more film oriented, but it sure helps to learn from that perspective.

Drawn to Life - Walt Stanchfield
Some really good advice on 2D drawings, gestures and (some) animation.


My other website which hosts some of my previous animations. It is most well known for the Counter-Strike parodies I animated when I was younger.

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